Segregating LGBTQ Students

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"A proposed high school for LGBT students under intense criticism has been retooled in a bid to win approval. The Chicago Board of Education put off voting on the Social Justice High School—Pride Campus last month, following criticism by conservative religious groups that it was catering to “a special class” of students, and concerns by Mayor Richard Daley and some LGBT leaders that it would segregate gay students.
The new plan would see the school’s mission expanded to include all disenfranchised students and the name changed to Social Justice Solidarity High School.
The revised mission will be presented Wednesday to the Chicago Board of Education. If it is approved, it would open in 2010.
“While the school will be open to all students, its special mission will be to provide a haven where students can feel safe and valued for who they are,” the school’s new mission statement says."
While I can understand the sentiment behind the proposed school, I don't think it's a good idea and smacks too much of segregation. And do you think that the person who called me an "asshole" on this post would get upset by referring to all potential students of this school as "gay" when it would allegedly include transgendered students? If so, then they should get to writing a scathing response to the article.