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NZ columnist: Women would stop getting beaten if they'd just stop having abortions, Feministing.
In Italy, Feminism Out, Women As Sex Symbols In also at Feministing. I heard that this morning on NPR, also.
And another plug for Feministing, Walgreens harasses woman buying Plan B.
Update on Amanda Palmer at Shakespeare's Sister.
Shakespeare's Sister also has a wonderful quote from Robert Novak showing what a douche he is.
Eating disorders in children growing, the F-Word. No surprise there.


Anonymous said...

So, you think that Bitch needs a better editor? Apply for the job.

SLiver of Jade said...

Um no, I don't think they need a better editor. They say that they need one who is good to replace their current one. Read the article. And no, I won't apply for the job because I don't have sufficient education nor experience.