Undercover Notebook

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I keep a little notebook on me at all times because of my memory problems, but pulling out a spiral bound pad is a little too mundane for an event. My understanding is, is that it was common to have small prayer books hanging off of a belt (I read it online and haven’t verified. I need one, anyway, so the authenticity is a bit moot for me).
I wrote my rosary inside before disguising the outside. Since the cover was too thin to withstand any sort of abuse, I glued cardboard to the front and back for strength. Then I took a small shoulder section of the leather jacket I picked up at Goodwill the other day and trimmed it to fit the notebook, much like the old bookjackets we used in school.
A liberal application of Elmer’s glue and some careful fitting later, I had a little black leather book. A thinner material would have worked better, as well as paying more attention to wrapping it because I glued the book in upside down and slightly crooked.


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I picked up an aqua linen remnant for $4 a yard. After washing and drying it was just long enough to brush the tops of my feet and my Achilles heel. After long agonizing, I decided to go with a cyclas, or sideless surcoat. While most surviving art indicates that most were cut long in the back, the figures were typically nobility and/or wearing Sunday best. Anyone else would have worn theirs at a more sensible length. At least, that’s my logic train and I’m stickin’ to it. That and this is Oregon: I am hardly going to drag good linen around in the mud unnecessarily.

I followed these directions, using the gores but not the train. I began with the fabric doubled over, and I then folded that in half so that my cuts would be mirrored. This is not recommended if you do not have a really good pair of scissors and/or really strong hands. From the center fold I measured out half my shoulder width plus seam allowance, which was 8 inches.

I pinned through all the layers straight through to the carpet, marking out all my cutting lines with more pins instead of drawing. It helps keep all the layers where they should be when cutting.

I can haz turkey leg?

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June is...

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.