Undercover Notebook

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I keep a little notebook on me at all times because of my memory problems, but pulling out a spiral bound pad is a little too mundane for an event. My understanding is, is that it was common to have small prayer books hanging off of a belt (I read it online and haven’t verified. I need one, anyway, so the authenticity is a bit moot for me).
I wrote my rosary inside before disguising the outside. Since the cover was too thin to withstand any sort of abuse, I glued cardboard to the front and back for strength. Then I took a small shoulder section of the leather jacket I picked up at Goodwill the other day and trimmed it to fit the notebook, much like the old bookjackets we used in school.
A liberal application of Elmer’s glue and some careful fitting later, I had a little black leather book. A thinner material would have worked better, as well as paying more attention to wrapping it because I glued the book in upside down and slightly crooked.