"Disinfectants 'train' superbugs to resist antibiotics"

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"Scientists know bacteria can become inured to disinfectant, but research increasingly shows the same process may make them resistant to certain drugs."
This is one of the reasons why I avoid disinfectants, despite slight OCD tendencies. So when my friends (invariably those with children) are addicted to bleach and Lysol, I shake my head because not enough logic in the world can persuade them that they are actually doing more harm over the long run than good. Because then you end up with fun stuff like this.
And the best part?
"Research was published this year showing that the disinfecting wipes used to protect against MRSA could in fact spread the bug, as the solution contained was often not sufficient to kill all the bacteria picked up, and hospital staff often used the same wipe to clean more than one surface."