Blessed Imbolc!

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I am not big on ritual as of late. Needing more simplicity in my life, I have been leaning towards hedge-witchery. I am wearing bright red, baked a bread, and plan on lots of knitting this evening.

Once it gets dark, I will light a candle that I will keep going all night (the trick is to put it in the bathtub or sink) and perhaps do some divination, most likely Tarot.

I feel in a culinary mood, so for lunch I had bread with some gourmet cheddar. Then I’ll probably make some honey cakes and a potato stew. And my partner came up with the perfect idea of making cookies’n’cream milkshakes, now you see why I keep him around. ;P We’re big on dairy products, especially cheese in this house. Hrm, perhaps my recent trend towards simplicity might explain my urge to don an apron and bake barefoot in the kitchen.