Armour for Female Fighters

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Last Wednesday, at the Mid-Willamette Valley Fighter's Practice, I suited up in armour for the first time. Granted, it was loaner gear and was therefore one-size-fits-nobody, but afterwards I had a definite opinion as to what I want in my own gear.

Luckily I hadn't planned on actually fighting, or else I would have been dismayed to find that I simply could not do so safely nor effectively in the loaner kit. For one thing, it was sized to fit large men. While I am not thin, I fall just short of 5 feet 4 inches in shoes. The kidney plates hung around my hips, breastplates pinched my nipples in a decidedly non-sexy fashion, and the heater-shield was not only too large, but poorly balanced for me. The knight who was teaching me how to throw a shot laughed at me because the helm sank so low that eventually all he could see was the bottoms of my eyes.

One of the most important things I learned is, is that I require rigid armour for my vast tracts of land. The splint's (using Dungeons and Dragons terminology as I do not know the SCAdian) flexion was exacerbated by its poor fit, yet even without the force of a hit behind it, tender flesh caught between metal plates is far from enjoyable.

At least I won't have problems with hurdle number three.