Be a Cool Frood

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When attending an SCA camping event, don't forget your towel.  I know what you're thinking, "There usually aren't any showers, why on earth would I need my towel?"  Here are the various ways a towel can really come in handy without leaving the planet.

1.  Rain
If you're in An Tir, you already know to expect rain even if the forecast is clear.  Once a person is wet hypothermia becomes a real concern.  The first thing you should do is get them dry.

2.  Swimming Hole
Even if there aren't any showers, there might be a spot to go swimming.  If you choose to do so, familiarize yourself with the site rules.  At one event I attended swimming was normally allowed but for the blue-green algae bloom.  A few attendees hadn't heard/paid attention to the town cries and went swimming anyway.  No one got sick that I know of, but please listen to your heralds, we often do have helpful information.

3.  Dew
Unless you're wearing all the layers of clothing required by women's late period Elizabethan, sitting on a cold, damp chair or bench is extremely unpleasant in the morning.

4.  Camouflage
I normally bring a burgundy towel and drape it over my ice chest to disguise the bright white and blue plastic.  It's easily moved when I need to get into the chest.

5.  Extra Layer
My towel has been known to double as an extra blanket on nights where it dipped below freezing.  At my first An Tir/West War I had forgotten my air mattress, that towel helped to shield me from the heat-sucking earth.

6.  Bubblewrap
Even if I don't end up using the towel for anything other than camouflage, it works great for cushioning my breakable kitchen items.