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A lot of people in the LARP community have nothing but bile and hatred for the Society for Creative Anachronism.  A lot of people in the SCA have little to no respect for Live Action Roleplayers.  To both groups I have one thing to say: Get over yourselves.
You know what our biggest difference is?  Nothing.  In the grand scheme of things we are merely geeks running around the woods in funny clothing and beating each with sticks.
Yes, there are pompous, arrogant windbags in the SCA who for some reason only the Gods know like to eviscerate newcomers for why their garb is wrong and why they’re an idiot for even trying.  Yes, some LARPers love to enumerate all the reasons why a newbie cannot do x, y, or z and why they’re an idiot for even asking.
I have been in TAG, 4H, softball, ABC, basketball, PPFB, VB, track, JSA, FBLA, FFA, LDS, X-C, CCF, RHA, theatre, CUUPS, BTW, BDSM, HRC, CNA, SCA, and LARP.  And you know what I’ve found?  No matter where you go, there are asshats and politics.  You know why?  People are flawed.
You are not better than anyone else.  Your group is not better than any other.  There are pros and cons to everyone and every group.  The minute you start pointing fingers, you become a moron.