A Day in the Life of Kasima the Gypsy

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During my NPC shift yesterday, I was Kasima the Gypsy, complete in bellydance finery.  She thought that the townsfolk needed a lesson in respecting gypsies and not judging a book by its cover.  So she proceeded to poison as many drinks, potions, and cookies as she could get her hands on.  (Logic is not Kasima’s strongsuit as she’s a bit temperamental).  She stole whatever she could get her hands on for her sisters to sell at their shop, and named one of the town guard “TinCan.”  Then, to top it all off, she offered to sell the Queen’s newborn son on the black market with a “60/20” split of the profits.  Once someone told Kasima that selling children was technically illegal, she stole a necklace from the Wantadoobie pygmies and gave it to the Queen in recompense for the offense.