More fun at a convenience store...

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I went into my local convenience store the other day and requested that my hot dogs not be placed in a styrofoam container. Because of the strange looks I got, I mentioned that it never biodegrades. This sparked a bit of chatter with one of the other employees about ecologically responsible practices.

The cashier who had been staring at us like we'd both simultaneously sprouted second heads, said in a rather disparaging tone, "Oh, I'm not green." Emphasis = sneer.

Unfortunately I had too much blood in my caffeine stream (thus the purpose of my purchases) to respond with what percolated through my brain as I walked out the door, which was: "Well, I'm rather attached to the planet upon which I live and am entirely dependent. But I suppose if I were as old as you, I'd say 'Fuck it, I'm gonna die soon anyway. Might as well take the planet with me.' "

I have got to stop shopping there, at least when uncaffeinated. Then again, I really shouldn't be surprised considering their entire marketing campaign is about how they're proud to be rednecks.