Would you like a side of homophobia with that?

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"Two gay men kissed at a Chico's Tacos restaurant, prompting guards to eject them and a police officer to endorse their ouster.
Civil-rights lawyers say the security staff was out of line. Police, though, contend that a business such as a restaurant can refuse service to anybody, any time.

In all, five men were ordered to leave the restaurant. They say they were forced out by homophobic guards.

"It was a simple kiss on the lips," said Carlos Diaz de Leon, a gay man who was part of the group.

He called police at 12:30 a.m. June 29 because he said the guards and restaurant had discriminated against the group after two of his friends kissed in public.

The five men, all gay, were placing their order at the Chico's Tacos restaurant on Montwood when the men kissed. All five sat down, but the two guards at the restaurant told them to leave.

De Leon quoted one of the guards as saying he didn't allow "that faggot stuff" in the restaurant."

Funny, that's the same excuse a lot of places used when they refused service to African Americans.

"She said the city anti-discrimination ordinance protects people on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation in public places. Perhaps more troubling, she said, was that the police officer chose not to enforce that ordinance and might have contributed to discrimination."

Somehow I doubt that the same restaurant and police officer would have had a problem with two heterosexual teenagers doing the hormonal groping octopus thing.

And finally, the coup de grace:

"De Leon said he and his friends left the restaurant after an officer threatened to issue a citation for "homosexual conduct."

Hrm, I didn't realize that being gay is a crime in Texas.


Kyelas said...

wow security in a taco shack they must get some fiesty beans in there to need security!