Newsflash: Halloween IS a Pagan Holiday

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"Hallowe'en is a perfectly lovely American holiday that came over with the immigrating Irish who escaped An Gorta Mor (what we were taught as the "Irish Potato Famine") in the 1840s. They brought some folk traditions connected with the evening before All Saints Day or All Hallows."

As someone mentioned in the comments, I would much rather have my brain in my head than in my anal orifice like this writer. Please explain to me how an American holiday came over from Ireland.

But ok, I get his point that he's trying to get across is the perennial favourite at this time of year: letting your kids dress up and mug your neighbours for candy is not worshipping Satan.

"Many modern Pagans celebrate Samhain at the end of October. Samhain is based on an ancient Celtic festival and is the third harvest festival, the Festival for the Dead, the beginning of the winter season and the New Year on the Celtic calendar.

It is rather a big deal...but it is not Hallowe'en. It's an important harvest celebration and a time to remember those who have died, whether in the last year or long ago. The Ancestors.

So, all these cranky churches and schools who refuse to celebrate the perfectly American (okay, Irish-American) holiday called Hallowe'en are brainheads."

The modern incarnation of Halloween has about as much connection with its original Pagan origins as Christmas or Easter do.