Outrage of the Day- Special Ed Kids Tortured

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"A group of parents say their children with disabilities experienced waterboarding-like torture” and other forms of abuse at the hands of two teacher’s aides at a Montana middle school.

Now, the teacher’s aides, Julie Parish and Kristina Marie Kallies, face felony charges of assault on a minor and endangering the welfare of children in connection with the alleged abuse in a special education classroom.

Witnesses say that students were subjected to water torture and forced to eat their own vomit. Further, parents say they suspect students were also confined to closets.

Parents noticed that students came home with bruises, bite marks, burnt fingertips and missing hair.

The students, who have a variety of disabilities including autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, were unable to speak up about the problems due to their disabilities."

First of all, I thought that we left this shit behind in the '50's. Secondly, having volunteered with Special Olympics I cannot conceive of the type of person it would take to commit such atrocities. upon innocent children. My partner said it best, "Instead of jail, they should not be permitted to live."