'Non-Toxic' Scented Products Emit Toxins

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"From hair products to laundry detergents to diapers, we live in a world of fragrance that might be making us sick, suggests a new study, even when those scents come from products that claim to be natural and pure.

In an analysis of 25 of the most commonly used scented products -- including ones labeled "organic," "natural" or "non-toxic" -- scientists identified at least 133 chemicals wafting off of them. A quarter of those chemicals were classified as hazardous or toxic. Virtually none were listed on product labels."
Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise. This is why I always read the labels of even the organic products I buy.


silentmist said...

goodie... i guess thats why 'unscented' and strange artificial scents always make me feel nauseous. :(

oh and I'm pretty sure that any ingredient that a company sees as a "trademark" or a "secret" ingredient then they don't have to list it in the ingredients list.. :(

SLiver of Jade said...

Even with many organic products (the kind that are actually user-friendly), they usually have a scent that comes from the ingredients used as opposed to an artificial concoction. Luckily, most natural foods stores have testers or sample sizes so you don't have to buy a gallon you won't use again.