Outrage of the Day: Lesbians Barred From Graduating

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"Two female high school students in Oklahoma are firing back at their school for refusing to let them graduate after discovering the two are a couple.

According to KWTV News, 18-year-old Melissa McKenzie said she was kicked out of Del City High School in Del City, Okla., at the beginning of the semester when the principal found out she was living with her girlfriend instead of her family. The principal then told her if she returned to her family's home, she would be welcomed back to school."
Fun fact, a commenter on The Advocate left contact information for Del City school administrators. Copied and pasted for your pleasure:

Principal Gina Hill Main Office (405)677-5777 extension: 129 ghill@mid-del.k12.ok.us 1st

Assistant Principal - Seniors Main Office (405)677-5777 extension: 128 jbenardello@mid-del.k12.ok.us

Assistant Principal Philip Crawford - Juniors South Office (405)677-5777 extension: 135 pcrawford@mid-del.k12.ok.us

Assistant Principal Leslie Berger - Sophomores Sophomore Office (405)677-5777 lberger@mid-del.k12.ok.us

Academic Assistant Principal Robert Gilstrap Academic Coach Office (405)677-5777 extension:140 rgilstrap@mid-del.k12.ok.us

Assistant Principal Danette Hall - Freshmen Freshmen Office (405)677-5777 dhall@mid-del.k12.ok.us