Holiday vs. Christmas

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Here is a list of common stores and companies that use "Holiday" and those that say "Christmas." Hopefully, you can support local businesses instead of big box stores, but not all of us can afford to, especially in this economy. They are categorized according to their websites, as I don't watch nearly as much live TV as I used to (oh TiVo, how I love thee).
Crate and Barrel (see Home Depot)
Home Depot tries to trick you with a Holiday section divided into Christmas or Hanukkah
K-Mart (second year in a row, at least that I know of)
Wal-Mart (no surprise there)
Can't Make Up Their Minds
Amazon, only mention of any holiday is for shipping by Christmas
Big Lots
Fred Meyer, main page has Holiday but ads and products all say Christmas
Frye's, no mention of anything, not even Winter
JC Penney, uses both
Nordstrom, one instance of Christmas and then tries to use Winter everywhere else
Office Depot, no mention of anything, not even Winter
Ross, one instance of Winter
Winco, tries to use Holiday but reverts to Christmas
Barnes and Noble (but Powell's is better)
Best Buy
Borders (Powell's is much more betterer)
Kohl's, primarily Holiday with a Christmas Sale
Petco (hey, even our familiars need gifts)
Powell's, but we already knew they're awesome