The War on Christmas

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According to some, those of us who don't celebrate Christmas are actively against it. Fine. You want to declare war, go right ahead. But I will vote with my dollars and boycott any companies that say outright, "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays." I never really cared before, but I never realized that perhaps some companies do so out of some weird spiteful "We only want Christians shopping here and if you don't like that then you're against Christmas" sort of attitude.
Actually, I do celebrate Christmas secularly with my family. (I'm still in the broom closet with them. Would that mean that I'm keeping them in the broom closet? Wouldn't that be elder abuse?) But I also celebrate Yule religiously. So I can't have two happy holidays? I can only have one? What about New Year's? Or because I don't drink and therefore won't spend my money on booze then you don't care and say, "Screw you, hippy." But I digress in my rantings.
As we wade into the holidays, I mean, battlefield I will list companies that use "Merry Christmas" in their advertising versus "Happy Holidays." I'm not telling you where to shop and who to boycott. I'm just letting you know in case you give a rat's arse.
Merry Christmas: K-Mart
Jerry's Home Improvement has "Christmas Trees"
Lowe's in one of their commercials, the employee says "Merry Christmas" but the announcer/flash of words at the end says "Happy Holidays"
Happy Holidays: Crest (while "I'll be home for Christmas" plays in the background)