Outrage of the Day-Huckabee Part 2

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"HUCKABEE: The very people who voted for Barack Obama in California…also voted to sustain traditional marriage. I refuse to use the term, 'ban same-sex marriage.' That’s not what those efforts did. They affirmed what is. They did not prohibit something. They simply affirmed something that which has and forever has existed." via ThinkProgress.
"Proposition 8 eliminates right of same-sex couples to marry." Proposition 8
"\prō-ˈhi-bət, prə-\ to prevent from doing something."
"\ˈban\: to prohibit especially by legal means ; also : to prohibit the use, performance, or distribution of " Merriam-Webster
According to Thesaurus.com, ban, prohibit, and eliminate are synonyms.
Since marriage between homosexual couples was previously recognized by the state, and this was then prohibited from continuing what does he think he is affirming? It reminds me when anti-marriage equality peoples got pissed off when Proposition 8's wording was changed by California's Attorney General to accurately reflect what it would do.