Offensive Language Ban

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"Students who make politically incorrect comments at Ontario’s Queen’s University, in Canada, can expect a lecture, whether they’re in or out of class.
The Kingston university has hired student facilitators to step in if they overhear students making homophobic or racial slurs, remarks bashing women or other offensive language.
The dean of student affairs at Queen’s says if students are making offensive comments loud enough for others to hear, it’s not a private conversation anymore. Jason Laker says the facilitators use a respectful, non-confrontational approach.
But Angela Hickman, who edits a campus newspaper, says having such a program could stifle public discussion."
One of the primary concerns of any educational institute is the safety and well-being of their faculty and students. Protecting them from insults and verbal attacks is perfectly within their capacity. How on earth is prohibiting non-productive language and enlightening students as to the bigger picture that ultimately we are all equal human beings "stifling public discussion?" Forcing students in a classroom discussion to use words like "homosexual" or "gay" rather than the garbage terms used by homophobes "stifling public discussion"? Not only would it expand the student's vocabulary, but also encourages them to think before spewing out hatred. If anything, it would promote logic as opposed to emotional outbursts.
And if some students still feel the need to use derogatory terms, then they are well within their rights to do so in a non-public/non-educational setting.
As I read the article, I wondered how long before someone protested it as trashing free speech. I was disheartened to see that someone already had.