Bush's last minute HHS regulations

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"A last-minute Bush administration plan to grant sweeping new protections to health care providers who oppose abortion and other procedures on religious or moral grounds has provoked a torrent of objections, including a strenuous protest from the government agency that enforces job discrimination laws.
The proposed rule would prohibit recipients of federal money from discriminating against doctors, nurses and other health care workers who refuse to perform or to assist in the performance of abortions or sterilization procedures because of their “religious beliefs or moral convictions.”
It would also prevent hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and drugstores from requiring employees with religious or moral objections to “assist in the performance of any part of a health service program or research activity” financed by the Department of Health and Human Services."
New York Times

Vanessa at Feministing has more details, and suggestions on how to take action.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's nice. How's about we let doctors refuse to treat black people because they have a religious belief that black are inferior? *twitch*


SLiver of Jade said...

I don't suppose that I need to go into the obvious: If you believe that performing something is wrong, then don't go into a profession that might REQUIRE YOU TO DO IT! It's about the patients and their health, not a place for you to spout and enforce YOUR religious convictions!