AIG Hosts Lavish Retreat After Bail-Out

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"Last month, a House committee discovered that just one week after the federal government bailed out insurance giant AIG, company executives went on $500,000 retreat to a luxury resort. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) asked in astonishment, “Have you heard of anything more outrageous?”
But yesterday, just as the federal government agreed to increase its bailout package to AIG, ABC News’s Brian Ross reported that the company’s executives gathered last week at a posh resort in Phoenix for a business conference, complete with “cocktail parties, limousines, and dinner out at a top restaurant.” AIG “instructed the hotel to keep its involvement secret, no signs with its name allowed.” "
Do you think they'll say they did it so it will trickle down?
Oops, evidently they're cutting back like we all are.
"AIG CEO Edward Liddy defended the extravagant conference on CNN last night, claiming that the lack of signage was a result of cost cutting measures. “[W]e are really cutting corners. We’re doing the same thing the American taxpayer is doing,” Liddy said. “We are tightening our belts. We didn’t use any signage.” "