Gay Marriage Ban ‘Totally Different’ Than Interracial Ban

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"PERKINS: If you want to change the law, instead of using the courts to redefine marriage.
SAVAGE: So Loving v. Virginia, when the courts declared interracial marriage to be a constitutional right in the teeth of popular support, which was against interracial marriage at the time–
PERKINS: Dan, you know that is a red herring. That is absolutely a red herring.
SAVAGE: It is not a red herring. […]
PERKINS: You try to compare this to interracial marriage. It is not the same thing. There were extra provisions put that would prohibit people that were man and woman to marry. This is redefining marriage. It’s a totally different issue."
Uh, no it is not. You're trying to prevent two people who love each other from marrying because YOU think it's wrong. End of story.