Reason #1,001 to not like rap

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"A rapper who is best-known for his work with Eminem has warned gay and lesbian people that his new album contains extreme homophobic lyrics.
In an interview with All Hip Hop, performer Trick Trick said:
“I’ma go on the record right now with this. Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album.
I don’t want your faggot money any goddamn way. I don’t like it. Carry that shit somewhere else.”
His latest album, The Villain, was produced by Eminem. In it he refers to lesbian stars Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O'Donnell as "dyke bitches."
"Every time that you turn on the TV, that sissy shit is on," said Trick Trick. "And they act like its f**king okay. The world is changing for the worst when shit like that happens. And I address that issue. I address it hard as hell.”
The album features Eminem on the track Who Want It and Let It Fly features Ice Cube. 50 Cent also appears on the album."