Proposition 8 Protest

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A ton of people showed up for the rally on Saturday, I would hazard a guess at 100-200 people. For what it's worth, I always sucked at the "guess how many marbles are in the jar" games. Lots of drivers honked their horns in support. Or what I assumed was support considering the lack of one-fingered salutes.
The rally passed by a few market booths, one of which belonged to Christian proselytizers. Fellow protestors left them pretty much alone, except for Bronn. He dropped back and relayed the following (paraphrased) conversation to me later.
Bronn: "So Jesus loves everyone?"
Christian: "Yes."
Bronn: "And your sign says you'll pray for me?"
Christian: "Yes."
Bronn: "Then will you pray for our cause?"
Christian: "No, because we believe in the Bible."
Bronn: "Then Jesus does not, in fact, love everyone."
Christian: "You know, confrontation is good because it makes us all... [avoiding an actual response]"
And this is why I love the man.
Afterwards, Bronn and I got burritos at the Saturday Market. The man in front of us read our sign, which said, "Can we vote on your marriage?" Bronn struck up a conversation with him, basically seeing how the man felt about gay marriage. I wasn't paying too much attention since I was ordering during most of it, but the next thing I heard from Bronn was "...your woman."
I interrupted with a sharp, "So when a marries she becomes the man's property?" They stopped and thought about it for a minute, made a quick joke and moved on. Bronn's beginning to rethink the language he uses.
On the other hand, I don't object when Bronn refers to me possessively. Shocking, I know. Because I do the same to him. It may not be politically correct, but then again, we don't feel the need to claim each other as property. We don't "stake our claim," as it were.