The Bible says you don't have to be a good person?

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Went out to dinner the other night with friends. One of whom wears a large pentacle, let's call him Jer. About 5 inches across, we call it the Hubcap. A fellow diner asked Jer what it was. He replied simply, "It's a Wiccan symbol."
Gentleman said, "Well we all make our own choices." Anyone who is a minority/alternative lifestyler is familiar with the sort of confused, condescending skepticism that is usually hidden behind polite wording with a dash of "it's the wrong choice."
Jer said, "I believe as long as we all do the right thing and try to be a good person, you're ok."
"That's not what the Bible says."
Luckily I happened to be in the ladies' room at the time or else I would have stared openmouthed, promptly followed by gales of laughter. Which is precisely what I did when this was relayed to me during dinner, until they pointed out that the gentleman in question was sitting within earshot and listening rather intently.
He must have forgotten the "do unto others," casting the first stone, or love your neighbour parts. Although he was rather polite about the whole thing.
When I told Jer I was going to blog about it, Bronn offered a notepad and pen to go and interview the gentleman. I must say I was sorely tempted, against my better judgment.