Name Change Argument Part 2

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I actually got, in a matter that I presumed to be joking, the "but it's tradition!" Tradition for the sake of tradition without questioning it and placing a personal value on ones that speak to you demeans the tradition in the first place. Blindly following something just because "that's how it's done" turns us all into mindless sheep. If we didn't question why we do things then we would still have slavery, selling women into marriage, and complete Catholicism/Christianity.
I examined this issue a long time ago and decided that changing my name not only had no value for me, but would strip me of my identity. My name rhymes, quite simply, I like that. My initials are BLA, which has developed into the nickname of "Blah." I like that, that should be reason enough. I have strong bonds with my family, and changing my last name would feel like I was severing with them in order to join his family instead of creating a new one with him.
In short, I would be losing my identity while he would not have to sacrifice anything. Why should I give up who I am for the sake of "tradition"?