Did I read that right?

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"E.J. Dionne...joined other Washington Insiders in arguing that the best way for Obama to find common ground on abortion is to capitulate to the demands of Religious Right anti-abortion activists.... In other words, the president should betray his pro-choice supporters and continue policies that are not based on science but on religious right ideology. He says, Obama should govern as the "cultural moderate he promised to be. He should not lose his chance to make cultural warfare a quaint relic of the past."
From the article "When Liberals Become the Religous Right" via Religious Right Watch.
Wait, so the best way to find a sort of compromise is to give in to the Religious Right? And just in case you're thinking that the ellipses is hiding the context that makes it make sense, you're wrong. It says, "He says Obama should reward his prolife supporters by not rescinding Bush era antiabortion executive orders and not pursue prochoice policies."
Ok, so not revoking Bush's policies might be finding a middle ground. But as for turning completely anti-abortion? No.
I wish all compromises worked that way. I can see it tonight on my date.
Me: "I want to see this movie."
Him: "But I've already seen it."
Me: "Honey, let's find a common ground."
Him: "All right, we'll go see it."
In The Right Wing Dictionary:
Common Ground = do whatever we say.