O'Reilly's Privilege

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Word typically used by progressives, particularly educated ones, tend to irk me. I often feel they're used as a pretension, a codeword, "hey, I know the lingo so it doesn't matter what I say or if the logic is sound." Marginalized, dichotomy, paradigm, privilege. The language we use to prove that we are educated.
I've been following the crap Bill O'Reilly pulled on Amanda Terkel. It really hit me the more I thought about it. It never occurred to him that this might have been a triggering experience for her. As a man, he does not have to worry about strange men approaching him. He does not have to worry about men stalking him. He has the privilege of not living in fear of certain people/situations by virtue of his nether bits, so he deflects the issue by claiming she's overreacting and that it's a legitimate journalist technique. It's a legitimate paparazzi technique.
Even in high school we were taught better than that. You call them and ask for a statement, you invite them for an interview, you give them some idea as to what the heck you're talking about. Gah, just mentioning O'Reilly gets my blood pressure up.