OuMother/Boyfriend Accused of Trying to Rape 13 yo Daughter

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"A mother and her boyfriend gave the woman's 13-year-old daughter rum and drugs so the mother's boyfriend could try to get her pregnant, police in Uniontown said.
The adults were charged March 16 in connection with a plot to impregnate the girl because they wanted a baby and the mother is infertile."
This is what's wrong with the crazed belief that the only children you can have/should want/would ever love are the ones that come from your own genes. We are pressured to have children, particularly women, whether or not such a course of action would be a good idea. Procreate, procreate, procreate! But wait, I can't myself so let's find a surrogate so it will at least have your genes, honey!
This is one of the many reasons why I am such a huge advocate of adoption, which, unfortunately, still is full of stigmas in our culture that has turned the Duggars and Octo-Mom into celebrities.