Like You're Listening

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I am contributing to a blog by and for Chronic Bitches, a group of chronically-ill yarn crafters who nonetheless refuse to become bland, stereotypical sick people. I have mostly tried to keep my health problems out of Witchy Woman, partially due to the social convention that people who are sick are not supposed to discuss their health in order to not make others uncomfortable.
The sad fact of it is, chronic health problems take up much of our daily lives. Everything we do has to take our conditions into consideration. What we eat, when we eat, when we sleep, how long we sleep, if we can get out of the house and for how long, and even how and when we bathe. If we acknowledge our situation, then we are often punished for opening up with accusations of attention-seeking.
Therefore, we are unapologetic for who we are and how we live our lives. That is why we are Chronic Bitches.