Strawberry Spice Cake Recipe

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I made this for Beltane, along with a quiche, but this was the better of the two.
A package of Dr. Oetker’s White Cake Mix with an applesauce cup, some lemon juice, and some cinnamon thrown in. Since I didn’t replace the oil with the applesauce (never done it before and was afraid to try), I added a bit more flour to compensate.

I baked it in two layers. I made the cream cheese frosting from a recipe inside the Organic Valley package, it involved maple syrup (I was lucky enough to have the real thing on hand) and I tossed in some more lemon juice. Frosted the bottom layer with it and stuck sliced strawberries all over. Repeated with the top layer.
I ran up to the Portland area to meet with a couple of Ravelers and shared it (seriously, an entire cake? I may be fluffy, but not that fluffy). There wasn't any left, and now they're threatening to keep me locked up in a kitchen. Evidently the trick is to let it sit overnight and then bounce it around in a car for about an hour.