Rosary Revamped

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The rosary recitations I previously posted were a bit unwieldy, grammatically incorrect in places, and difficult to memorize. So I came up with my own following a basic formula that will aid in memory retention. Hopefully, with a little bit of creativity, it can be used for other Deities.
On the Charm
"Lady of the Silver Wheel,
She who turns the circle of heaven,
Virgin Queen of life, death, and rebirth
We entreat Your protection for our loved ones.
O, Weaver goddess,
Bless our prayers, our workings, our beloved.”
On the five beads I simply recite the English translation because I am not familiar enough with the pronunciation of Gaelic.
The Medal
“Blessed Be, O Highest and Holiest Ladies!
Hail, our beloved Queens of the Celts,
We honor and worship,
In the Old ways, when the Mother was revered,
You are the Creatrices
Your temples of worship well laid.”
I changed that because there is no proof that ancient Celtic societies were matriarchal, but Goddesses were worshipped before Christianity came along. Even then the Virgin Mary had an elevated status to compensate for the lack of the divine feminine. The last two lines of that one still bug me, but I’m working on it. “Your temples of worship well laid” makes no sense, if it was “Your temples of worship are well laid” then it would be logical.
"Blessed be the Flower Bride,
Blodeuwedd, Born of nine blossoms,
Beloved of the owl,
Teach me the initiation of growth.
Be with me as I spread my wings."
I am ashamed to say that I am not overly familiar with Blodeuwedd, but the only Celtic Maiden Goddess of which I know.
"Blessed be the Fiery Arrow,
Brigid, Bright One
Guardian of the sacred wells,
Teach me to bear the furnace that makes me strong.
Be with me as I blaze my trail."
Brigid could arguably be a Maiden Goddess, but I am skeptical because of how Christianized she was.
"Blessed be the Queen of Wisdom,
Rhiannon, the White Mare,
Ferrier of the dead,
Teach me the enchantments of the shifting moon.
Be with me as I transform."
I switched from the Gaulish Epona aspect to the Welsh Rhiannon because I am more familiar with the latter and is in keeping with Blodeuwedd and Cerridwen (both Welsh). Brigid and Morrigan were originally Irish. I believe, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Brigid’s worship was so widespread that I never bothered to pinpoint her origin, shameful considering She’s my patron Goddess.
"Blessed be the Battle Raven,
Morrigan, the Phantom Queen,
Washer at the ford,
Teach me to walk the gloom of war with the light of my strength,
Be with me as I fight my battle."

"Blessed be the Keeper of Souls,
Cerridwen, the White Sow,
She of the cauldron of rebirth,
Teach me to see through the darkness of the unknown,
Be with me as I am reborn."
Again, I’m not quite happy with the last two lines. Any suggestions are more than welcome… that is, as long as they’re polite. If it involves a goat-spoon and an orifice, no thank you.
On the Medal
“Hail, our beloved Ladies of the Celts,
We honor and worship You,
In the Old ways when the mother was revered,
You are the Creatrices
Our hearts in Your hands, our will is Yours
Keep and protect us as you do all Your children,
So Mote It Be!”
I changed that one because the original was a bit too Anglo-centric for my tastes, not to mention the fact that Their worship is no longer confined to the United Kingdom.