India Deemed Worst Country in Which to be a Woman

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In a Reuters poll of the situation of women in G20 countries, India came in at 19.  Canada took first place and the US came in at #6.  In another survey of the worst countries for women, India ranked #4.
These findings give good insight as to why Canada (or at least British Columbia) is so popular with south Asian immigrants.  The factors contributing to India's lowly ranking include "child marriage, foeticide and infanticide, sexual trafficking, domestic slave labour, domestic violence and high maternal mortality," whereas the qualities for which Canada is lauded are "Policies promoting women’s rights and well-enforced laws against violence and exploitation."  I will even go so far as to add the emphasis on education and health care that I have observed in my time living here.  All of these attributes contributed to the decision my husband and I made as to which of our two nations would become our home, and that's only in comparison to #6 on the list.