Save Lives, Drive Sober

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I completely agree with this sentiment, however the phrase "save lives" annoys the hell outta me. You're not saving lives, instead you're choosing to NOT KILL PEOPLE! "Saving a life" indicates that something is damn near inevitable that you are attempting to prevent. You save a life by performing CPR, rescuing someone from drowning, and/or calling 911.  You avoid killing people by not going into the nearest crowded public space and unloading a firearm.  You avoid killing people by not going out in public with a couple ton vehicle capable of going 200+ kph while drunk.  By not engaging in wreckless behaviour you are instead refraining from potentially killing people. You aren't being noble, instead you are avoiding becoming a killer.  You are exhibiting the behaviours of a responsible, sane, adult instead of a psychopathic degenerate with no regard for the lives of others.