National Religious Freedom Day

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January 16 is National Religious Freedom Day, to commemorate the Statute for Religious Freedom.  Evidently, it was thought that this was necessary in addition to National Day of Prayer.  There is even a full of bald eagles, the star-spangled banner, and tips for making "schools a safe place for your children to express your family's religious faith."  Obviously for these evangelical Christians, "religious freedom" means "free to proselytize," but that is nothing new. 
President Obama's speech included "Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, Sikhs and non-believers;" a rarity for a politician to acknowledge more than the monotheistic triad, let alone atheists.  Yay!  Progress!  " the year of our Lord..."  Crap, spoke too soon.  Oh well, baby steps.
Then the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has to jump in and criticize such a warm and inclusive sentiment.  Their problem?  The Affordable Care Act, which will require employers' insurance to cover contraceptives and therefore potentially violate the employers' religious convictions.