Care and Feeding of Your Poppet

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Many people hear "poppet" and think "voodoo doll." Close but not quite. Both are symbolic figures for sympathetic magick, but not necessarily for malignant purposes. Although most people associate them with baneful magick because they are so closely tied to the person they represent, perfect for the passive agressive, which is why most Witches can't conceive of creating one for themselves.
In fact, poppets can be used for many beneficial reasons: health, wealth, and the like. It's what you do with your poppet, or don't do, that could land you in trouble. You've got this "mini-me" all crammed with bits of this and that, pieces of your hair and/or nails, and stuffed with your energy. You don't just want to toss it in a drawer and forget about it.
  1. Do take care of your poppet as you would yourself.
  2. Do dispose of it properly: ritual burning or burying. If you flushed it, and then your life goes to shit, what did you think would happen?
  3. Don't leave it out where others can get a hold of it. Last thing you want is Fido thinking you got him a new chew toy that smells just like Mommy!
  4. Have a set timeline for the poppet and then dispose of it.
  5. Use common sense.

If you're asking how I know this or why I felt the need to write this, just don't put your poppet in your purse. And I've been wondering why I've been feeling overwhelmed...