Conservative Activists Argue Gay Marriage Threatens Religious Liberty

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My reaction: say what? *Sigh.* Honestly people. If churches, especially the Catholic church, can refuse to marry anyone on the basis of religion, then they can certainly refuse to marry them on the basis of sexuality. Some churches (I'm drawing heavily on the Catholic church as an example because that's what I was raised in) will even refuse to perform a wedding ceremony if you will not raise your potential children in their religion.
And just as churches have the right to say, "Nope, doesn't hold with our religion" people have the right to say, "Then screw you, I'm going to go find a church that won't hate me for living the way I was meant to." It's downright childish for them to blame their lack of converts on this one issue. People will attend churches that are loving and welcoming, not hateful and spiteful.
If anything, they should be mad that they are exposing themselves by refusing to do so. They have only themselves to blame.