Is it spoof or not?

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I'd say not, actually. Some of my favourites from it are: I promise to never question authority. I promise to never bring up my rights. Then, later on, there's a bit about how the government is corrupt and heading towards a police state. Although the "Scare 'em Sober" page is pretty accurate, although whether or not the accidents portrayed involved alcohol is another topic entirely. But then we get into the whole alchol is bad because drinking and driving is bad. That's like saying knives are bad because stabbing people is bad. Then there's Protest Gay Day and a blurb about how they're not a hate site. Made of fail.
Wow, and they say that people like me are attacking Christianity. I'd say that they're already doing a pretty good job of it themselves.
But if you want a site that is actually tongue-in-cheek, check out Landover Baptist. One of their current articles is titled "Divorced Conservatives Unite to Save the Sanctity of Marriage From Homosexuals!" Satire of hypocrisy at its finest.
Then there's the ever popular Dark Dungeons, courtesy of Chick Tracts. You know, I have been suicidal and have played tabletop rpg's. I can honestly say that all of the problems that contributed to the former had absolutely nothing to do with the latter. In fact, it helped me forget about my bigger problems for a little while as well as helped me to develop a support network of friends who helped me through those times. As someone who has been suicidal, the thought of anyone claiming that something so trivial as a game could drive someone to take their own life pisses me off beyond belief. Only someone from a position of privilege and self-righteousness could possibly make such an outrageous connection between the two.
That having been said, I've even played epic levels and I never got to the learn the "mind bondage" spell. :(