Beware the Pagans who like to braid!

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"POLICE believe a bizarre outbreak of horse mane weaving may be the work of a secretive cult of pagan worshippers practising a form of white magic."
*Sighs and breaks out the soapbox.* Paganism does not automatically equal cult! Note how they also do not explain white magic.
"Although the braiding does no harm to the affected horses, owners are becoming increasingly bemused and concerned."
Honestly, having had a horse, it helps keep their mane from snarling. If it had happened to mine, I just would have laughed.
"Mrs Parsons urged horse owners to send pictures of the plaits to local police and to remain vigilant. She added: "Until we know anything different this is worth taking very seriously. They seem to be targeting some individuals more than others, but why?""
Ok, they were afraid that this was a way of marking the horses for thieves, but say now that is obviously not the case. In short, it's another case of "We have no explanation for this so we're going to blame it on Pagans." But why not Satanism like they usually do? Because no harm is being done. The public can easily imagine a Satanist killing cats and the like, but running around and braiding horses' manes? That's so silly, it sounds like something a Pagan would do! They run around the woods naked, right? Yup, must be them.
Sounds more like a bunch of horse-crazed twelve year old girls if you ask me.