"Here's your sign moment" brought to you by Brigit.

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So I lay in bed last night, after having kept a red candle in honour of Brigit going by my computer and knitting area while I researched and planned projects all day. (For those not familiar with the practice, I am part of an online group on Ravelry that shares the task of keeping a flame in either our hearts or in reality every day in Her Name). I was so wired, everything was running through my head as more ideas crept in. Now this is unusual for me. Then it hit me and I began laughing hysterically.

Once calmed, my partner asked, “Ok, now that you’ve snapped, what was the final straw?”

“I couldn’t figure out why my brain won’t shut down. Duh! I’ve spent my day honouring my patron Goddess, whose purview includes CRAFTS!”

His response: “Why did I have to end up with the slow one?”

Yes, a pillow fight did ensue.