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"(Portland, Maine) A gun collector who introduced several weapons into sexual play with two other men contends the weapons were intended to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Instead, a lethal combination of drugs, extreme sex and Russian roulette has put him on trial for manslaughter.
Both the defense and prosecutors say there was no intention to kill. But prosecutors say defendant Bruce Lavallee-Davidson, a farmer from Skowhegan, was responsible for ensuring his gun wasn’t loaded when it was being handled."
Anyone worth their salt in the community knows that you never, ever play while under the influence of ANYTHING. And if you do play with weapons, you make damned certain that it is under the safest conditions possible. Unfortunately this was in a private home, or else I would be screaming, "Where the hell was the Dungeon Master/Mistress?!" A gun collector should have known to triple check the chambers before even bringing it into the scene. Hell, I don't even own one, let alone ever use one in a scene, and I know that! This was in no way safe nor sane.
Too bad Darwin's Law didn't take out Lavallee-Davidson.