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I dress fairly modestly for a number of reasons, which may sound contradictory considering I participate in a certain four-letter acronym community. I came of age when Britney Spears was arguably at her peak, yet I, unsurprisingly, never felt the need to emulate pop stars whose music I didn't particularly enjoy. In fact, one of my father's typical rants is the physical appearances of some of my favourite bands. I can honestly say that I have no earthly idea what most of them look like let alone what they wear even to this day, which usually results in an argument because he is convinced otherwise. So I was fairly oblivious in my formative years to the "You have to wear as little clothes as possible in order to be attractive" brainwashing.
My mother instilled in me that leaving a little to the imagination is sexier than baring it all. (She should know, she grew up on Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn). Although being the incorrigible tomboy, I wore whatever was comfortable, which meant jeans and a t-shirt. At least it generally ensured that boys looked me in the eye rather than staring at whatever was popping out of my top. Some, however, needed to learn that lesson the hard way.
As an adult, we all know that I prefer to make my own clothing through knitting and sewing rather than overpay for something that was cheaply made and won't fit anyway. So my wardrobe is not limited to the fare of the local mall. (Speaking of which, I lived through the '80's the first time and have no need to relive that, thank you very much).
I respect myself enough to dress in a way that is comfortable to me, which does not include vast expanses of skin bared to every passerby. I want to be respected and valued for my mind and personality, not for my triple D's. If I am going to be on display, let it be for my intelligence first. Having somewhat outgrown the tomboy phase, I wear skirts because they are comfortable and more flattering to my figure than jeans. (Hey, with a small butt I need some help to visually balance out that chest!)
I am wondering just what possessed designers and the parents to dress their pre-teen girls like strippers? Oh right, because Miley Cyrus is doing it. Just because I tend to avoid popular fashion does not mean that the two are mutually exclusive. While I am not religiously motivated, I have found a couple of sites with fashionable examples on how to do so without needing a gynecologist to extract those pair of jeans.
Not being religiously motivated I am free of the "Oh noez! I haz to hide my hawtness from teh menz cuz they just can't help demselves!!1!1!" But it does bring a mixed blessing: at least if I am ever raped (again) they can't use the excuse of "She was asking for it, just look at how she was dressed!"