Can't Wear A Pretty Pink Dress to Your Prom

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"(Gary, Indiana) A federal judge has ordered Gary Community Schools to pay legal fees after finding that school administrators had ignored a ruling to turn over documents to lawyers for a former student. The student is suing the district for barring him from the senior prom because he was wearing a ball gown.
Attorneys asked the court to sanction the school district, saying it could not properly prepare its case without the documents which were to have been turned over last May.
Last fall, Judge Paul R. Cherry ordered the district to turn over the files and fined the school board $540 for dragging its heels. This time the fine is expected to be substantially higher.
In December 2007, Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit on behalf of K.K. Logan challenging a Gary School Corporation policy barring clothing that advertises sexual orientation or indicates that a student’s gender is different from the student’s sex.
Logan argues that the policy violates students’ First Amendment freedom of expression. Logan also claims that his exclusion from prom constitutes discrimination on the basis of gender.
Students and teachers knew that K.K. Logan was transgendered. During his senior year, Logan attended West Side High expressing a deeply rooted femininity in his appearance and demeanor.
At school, Logan wore makeup, accessories and clothing typically associated with girls his age.
However, on May 19, 2006, Principal Diane Rouse stretched her arms across the door of the senior prom, blocking Logan’s entrance because Logan was wearing a pink gown. Classmates and friends rallied to Logan’s defense to no avail—even though a female student was allowed to attend dressed in a tuxedo.
Principal Rouse enforced a Gary School Corporation policy that forbids any clothing or accessories that “advertise sexual orientation” or “portray the wearer as a person of the opposite gender.”
Ragen Hatcher, the attorney for the school district, said the board was not deliberately trying to prevent Lambda from access to the files, but that gathering the information had taken longer than anticipated. Hatcher said that she is confident the board will win its case."
Reading this, I found nothing untoward. It sounds pretty similar to the mindset in the area where I grew up. Yeah, it's bigoted and idiotic. But stating explicitly that you have to dress according to your genitalia? In that case, girls would be forced to wear only skirts. And it's an extracurricular activity. It's not like he's disturbing gym class by wearing a cheerleader's uniform.
But when I read that a girl in a tux was allowed to attend, the neurons misfired. Explain the logic to me. No, wait. Please don't. Mind-fuckery of that magnitude should not be forced onto anyone.
The grain of salt went out the window. This just boils down to small-minded morons.