Prop 8 Donors

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Here's what I have to say, and this will likely be it on the matter from me:
-Anyone who donates money to a political cause should be made public. Not to persecute the individual, but to track the money going into politics and keep it honest.
-Anyone who donates money to said cause should assume that it will become public knowledge. Particularly if they do so on behalf of a business.
-It's sad that allegedly death threats and vandalism have occurred against the donors. But where's the evidence? Go to the police. It happens to our community all the time, and guess what? They are carried out against us. Don't like it when the tables are turned, huh?
-As for the whining about people boycotting your business, quit yer bitchin'. We have the right to vote with our dollars. You have no right to our hard-earned money and then turn around and use it in political campaigns against us.
In short, suck it up and deal.