Ridiculous Anti-Equality Propaganda

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H/t to Reave.

And if you can't stomach all five and a half minutes of that, there's an analysis of it here.

I honestly can't get up in arms over this one, largely because I'm rather sick today. The logic behind it is full of holes. I could repeat the same rebuttals such as we don't want to tear apart marriages, in fact we could care less about anyone else's relationships. It's the right-wing Christians who are wanting to dictate people's personal lives. We just want to have the same rights as everyone else, and have families of our own. Teaching tolerance in schools is not the same as teaching children to be gay. It just gets old.

And if anyone is still clinging to the belief that any of this shit is true, then no amount of reasoning nor truth is going to convince them otherwise. They're just fucktards.