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My mother asked me last week if my friends and I had anything planned for this weekend. I thought, "That's a bit of a strange question. She usually just asks what I'm up to." She clarified it by asking if we were doing anything for the Superbowl.
"Oh, none of us really have TV nor care about sports." As evidenced by my cluelessness as to the date of the Superbowl. Only myself and one other friend have TV hooked up to our sets, most of us just use our sets for movies and video games.
The Superbowl has been blown into an American religion of its own. If you don't like football, ya ain't a reel Amurican (tm). And to properly watch a bunch of grown, sweaty men in spandex roll around in the mud, you have to have the Mountain o' Junk Food and beer. Double points if you barbeque. Naturally, your wife is to provide the nutritional orgy and to hide elsewhere in your domicile because estrogen is not allowed to intrude upon the Man Cave.
Then there's the inherently sexist commercials and cheerleading. Yes, cheerleading is demanding. It is not, however, a sport. An activity which serves only to support someone else' activity is not a sport.
Overall, I hate the Superbowl, all its trappings, and just about everything it stands for. That is all I'm going to say about it.