More garb nazi-sms.

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Pirates are not period to the SCA. Neither are modern bellydance outfits. No, not even tribal. That's what Sea Dog is for. Just stop it. You're not Johnny Depp.
I've had a couple people tell me stories of people telling them that their entire outfit was not period specific to a certain type of event, for example SCA or Ren Faire. And they've said, "I think they were just jealous." After listening to the descriptions of said garb, yes, it sounded beautiful and elaborate, according to the speaker. Did it sound historically appropriate to the event? No. Would I be envious of 18th century court garb? Yes. Is it appropriate to the even it was worn to? No.
A friend of mine went to a Ren Faire with me way back when we were poor college students. All she had, as it was basically her first event, was a black velvet and purple satin Victorian-ish dress. I helped put her in it, and I knew that it wasn't Renaissance. Someone did come up to her and point out that it was not period appropriate. We jumped to her defense, pointing out that it was last-minute, all she had, her first event, and it was better than mundane clothes. That shut her up and sent her on her way. If you have a good reason for wearing what you are, that'll shut up just about anyone who's rude enough to do that. Just don't say that you didn't know any better, that'll usually just start a sanctimonious never-ending lecture.
My first ever event was Shrewsbury. I wore black pants, grey polyester tied around my calves with leather, a white t-shirt, and a holey grey material shot through with silver metallic threads made into a tabard that looked kinda like chainmaille if you used your imagination. My hair was back in two french braids, and the ever-present bangs. And a walking stick. Why the walking stick? I had just had foot surgery and was stuck in a medical shoe. I wasn't even supposed to be walking around all day like I did. Thus the cheap, quick, comfortable, and easy garb that did it's best to hide the medical shoe. The next year, another foot surgery. Shiny polyester chemise (it was given to me, and all I had), corset, cotton underskirt, and black cotton split overskirt. If I can make attempts at making them myself even while incapacitated by surgeries, anyone can. And I still looked more historically accurate compared to the faerie twits in green bikinis.
Even garb nazis don't expect your first, or even your second and third, outfits to be perfect. Or at least they shouldn't.


Affrika the Strong said...

I hate to break it to you Milady but Pirates ARE period to the SCA. The Caribbean pirate we see in Disney movies are not but please do your research before you cluster ALL Pirates into the same Deppwannabe category. The Pirates in medieval Europe were the Vikings, warriors and looters from Scandinavia. Muslim pirates were common in the Mediterranean Sea. Toward the end of the 9th century, Muslim pirate havens were established along the coast of southern France and northern Italy. There is book after book and website after web site with documentation on PERIOD Pirates, there are even Ithra classes on “the history of the pirate” sanctioned by the SCA’s college of Ithra. If you are going to be a Nazi at least get your facts straight.

-Captain Affrika the Strong

SLiver of Jade said...

I should have been more specific in regards to the pirate problem. Around here the Gathering (pirates) is held on the same weekend as Egil's (SCA), so while many people would like to do both they can only choose one. However, many split the difference by bringing entire schooners, crew, and all. I have even seen a Dutch Flute on the main green. I have also known SCAdians with authentic pirate personas for the SCA and another for the Gathering and Sea Dog Nights (another local pirate event). Heck, even my first persona was a Viking raider.
While piracy has been around since the invention of ships, I was referring to those who cannot wait until Sea Dog to bust out the faux-leather tricornes and elastic eye-patches in an excuse to get drunk on rum and sing alleged "sea shanties" badly. It's the wanna-be Captain Jacks against whom I was railing, thus my: "You are not Johnny Depp."

Melisande said...

AAAK! How the hell do I subscribe to this??? I'm on blogspot at, is there a way to link the blog so I can get updates on yours? I love your writing!!!

SLiver of Jade said...

Melisande, you can click on the Get Addicted buttons to the right and/or you can go to your dashboard and on the Blogs I'm Following tab you can click on Add and add me in. I tried leaving this in your comments, but I couldn't leave any. Perhaps you have them disabled?