More Bechtel Goodness and Failures

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Pass: Resident Evil: Extinction, What the Bleep Do We Know: Down the Rabbit Hole, Watcher in the Woods, Skeleton Key

Fail: Wages of Sin, Stealth, Finding Nemo


Anonymous said...


Finding Nemo is an animated film.

SLiver of Jade said...

The format of the film isn't what's important, it's the characters and the writing. That's something that we've forgotten in the era of CGI, but that's a rant for another day.
My niece basically watches this movie every day. You either ignore it while visiting, or start to critique it like any other movie.
There are only two female characters in it, both of which are morons of some type and neither are the main character. It's subtle messages like this that are ingrained into our brains from birth. And don't even get me started on Disney Princesses. Mulan was always my favourite.