Harry Potter Part of Zionist Conspiracy

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"A short Iranian documentary recently translated by the Middle East Media Research Institue and published on the Jerusalem Post's website claims that the teen wizard hero of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling books and movies is being used to promote Zionist propaganda. The five-minute segment (video below), which aired on Iranian news channel IRINN on December 15, shows clips from 2002's "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" while several commentators offer their explanations of the symbolism in the series."Now more than ever," the Iranian film's narrator says, "this tool serves to spread the dark and evil essence of Zionism and its goals."
The commentators point to several different elements of the story as evidence of a Zionist agenda - pointing to the themes of witchcraft and wizardry, which the documentary ties to Kabbalah, the study of Jewish mysticism."
There are so many reasons why this is a load of bunk. Many witches (real life, not Harry Potter) do use aspects of Kabbalah, but not necessarily the religious components of it. Harry Potter, however, really only uses European mythology and methodology. For example, the wands and riding brooms. You don't find those in Kabbalah, which favours the ceremonial rather than the "low magic" you'll find in Harry Potter. Granted, I am not an expert on Kabbalah, just somewhat so on witchcraft.
""[The Zionists] are trying to convince viewers that because there is no easy way to distance oneself from witchraft, Satan and the like…they are saying indirectly, 'Join us,'" says Ali Asghar Sa’adati, billed as an Iranian expert on religious cinema."
They're conveniently overlooking the obvious fact that in Harry Potter World only those who have the ability born into them can use magic, those who can't classify as a muggle (i.e. non-magic user). So we couldn't "Join them."
"The IRINN piece also looks to the battle over "pure" wizarding blood as evidence of a Zionist subtext."
Only the bad guys in the books and movies place an emphasis on "purebloods." The good guys generally couldn't care less.
"Iranian film critic Sa'id Mostaghasi, meanwhile, sees Harry raised up as a Messianic figure, and his final battle with the Dark Lord Voldemort as being akin to the End of Days."[The Zionists] support Harry Potter because he is the promised Messiah," Mostaghasi says. "As you can see, he has the same traits and wants to defeat a dark force, which in this film is depicted as Voldemort. In the sixth episode, there is even mention of the War of Armageddon."
That part is open to interpretation. I don't personally see Harry as a potential saviour figure, namely due to his character flaws and the fact that no One Greater Power gave him super abilities to defeat Voldemort. Then there's the point that he does not fight alone. The entire wizarding world is divided into two camps, but certainly does not affect the entire world. Some Christians argue that Harry Potter contains Biblical allegories. And us real-life witches have the biggest claim on Harry Potter. We could probably go round and round this point for hours, comparing Harry Potter to cultural folklore and practices around the world and you'll find some way to make it fit each one.
Ultimately this was produced by people who are out looking for boogeymen and will find them by dint of their own imaginations, and lack a true understanding of the differences in various magickal systems.


Batty said...

This claim strikes me as circular... I mean, the author grew up with Western mythology, religion, etc., and incorporated the resulting idea of magic into an entertaining world where people who were born "special" could do extraordinary things. So can Superman. I don't see how this is "horrible Zionist propaganda" -- and equating HP magic with Kabbalah is simply proof of a lack of education.

And what about the Greek, Roman, Egyptian magical traditions? How were those linked with the Kabbalah? I'd just ignore this -- it's clearly just hatemongering.